Finding The Real China

Finding the Real China

“Until you can walk more than a few kilometers in any direction without running into a Starbucks, you’re not in the ‘real’ China,” my friend jokes as we take in the monolithic skyline of Shanghai’s Lujiazui on a recent summer…

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Working Hard Like The Ancient Chinese

Working Hard Like the Ancient Chinese

Traditional Chinese culture has many thoughts on the true meaning of hard work. There are many Chengyu (Chinese four part idioms) that speak as to what hard work meant in times past. Today I will introduce three Chengyu that will help…

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The Best Ways To Quickly Learn Mandarin

The Best Ways to Quickly Learn Mandarin

Mandarin is slowly but surely becoming more and more popular. Maybe it’s because of China’s booming economy. Or maybe it’s because of the influence of so many Chinese people traveling to other countries. Whatever the reasons, the number of people…

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How To Speak Chinese: Top 9 Cool Tips

How to Speak Chinese: Top 9 Cool Tips

I`ve noticed that Chinese is often perceived as one of the most difficult languages. There are numerous square scripts with complicated strokes, and its sound is just like singing with various tones. In fact, it is not as hard as…

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