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Learn about Beijing’s Park Life

(hǎi, sea/body of water)
北海公园(Běihǎi gōngyuán, Běihǎi Park )
莲花船(Liánhuā chuán, lotus flower boat)
北京文化(Běijīng wénhuà, Beijing culture)
唱歌(Chànggē, sing songs)
绘画(Huìhuà, paint)
水书法(Shuǐ shūfǎ, water calligraphy)
跑步(Pǎobù,go running)
放松(Fàngsōng , relax/unwind )
琼华岛(Qióng huá dǎo, Jade Flower Island)
白塔(Bái tǎ,White Dagoba)
后海(Hòuhǎi, “Rear Sea”)
打牌(dǎpái , play cards)
踢毽子(tī jiànzi , kick the shuttlecock)
钓鱼(diàoyú, go fishing)

Park Life in China

beijingFor anyone who wants to come to China and experience the traditional elements of the nation’s culture while at the same time not completely neglecting the busy cities and all they have to offer, one must see destination is the country’s wonderful公园(gōngyuán,park).

Many of Beijing’s parks were created as ancient places of worship and sacrifice for by-gone Emperors, while others have been more recent additions to the city. The wide open grass of western parks is more often than not replaced by elaborate 风水(fēngshuǐ, geomantic omen) designs including hills of various sizes, at least one water feature, an abundance of trees and of course some splendid Chinese architecture.
In Chinese parks you will always come across people giving their mind, body and souls a good workout. Here there’s a broad understanding particularly among older generations, that our muscles and every other organ in our body need exercise to maintain health.

Despite the bitter cold of a Beijing winter some healthy Chinese citizens are not deterred from going out to exercise in the city’s parks. People do太极(tàijí,tai chi),气功(qìgōng,a system of deep breathing exercises), and many other martial arts, people meditate, pray, shout at the top of their voice, they 打羽毛球(dǎ yǔmáoqiú,play badminton),放风筝(fàng fēngzhēng, fly kites) and use the free outdoor gyms…

There is an abundance of older generations and families with young children making good use of China’s parks. Different generations are still brought together in China by traditional games and pastimes that require a bit of movement in the great outdoors.

China’s parks are essentially beautiful charming places where the pace of life is slowed down and people enjoy nature, socialize, exercise and enjoy freedom from the constraints of keeping up appearances. This is a part of life in modern China which can and should be an example to other’s the world over.

Enjoying the simple pleasures of China’s park life has the potential to make people physically and mentally healthier, reliving burdens on health care systems and sportive families. Happier people make for a happier and more productive society.

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