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Learn Chinese Sentences Using the Word “hui” (会)

1. Will

会 is a modal word, which occurs before a verb and expresses the meanings of possibility and ability. This meaning of 会 huì also implies the future time.

The whole valley will be there.
shān gǔ de cūn mín dōu huì qù.


won’t, impossible 不会 bú huì

wǒ bú huì qù tā jiā chī fàn de.
I won’t go to his home to have a meal.

2. Be able to

Here 会 is used to express innate ability or ability based on learning and knowledge.

Did you get it?
nǐ huì shuō le ma?

Sometimes we will use 会 as a Verb , meaning as “be acquainted with, to know well”. Then 会 can be added to a noun directly which is “会+ Noun.”

tā huì hàn yǔ.
He knows Chinese.

Structure:  S +会+V /N


能 néng expresses physical ability or the unobstructed ability to perform some action.

可以 kě yǐ is sometimes used to express knowledge-based or physical ability. Apart from this usage,the primary use of 可以is to express permission to perform an action.

Chinese saying:

融会贯通 róng huì guàn tōng
to achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the subject


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