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How to Say “Never mind” in Chinese

We learned about “sorry” in Chinese. It`s also very necessary to know how to respond it. Here are some common used answers.

  • 没关系 (Méiguānxì)

never mind

  • 没事 (méishì)

never mind

  • 无所谓 (wúsuǒwèi)

It doesn`t matter

  • 不打紧 (bù dǎjǐn)

It`s ok

  • 不要紧 (búyàojǐn)

It`s ok

  • 没什么 ((Méishénme)

It`s fine.

  • 没什么大不了的 (Méishénme dàbùliǎo de)

It`s no big deal.

  • 这事不怪你 (zhè shì bú guài nǐ.)

It`s not your fault.

  • 别放在心上 (bié fàng zàixīn shàng)

Don`t worry about it.

  • 我本来就没放在心上 (wǒ běnlái jiù méi fàng zàixīn shàng.)

I wasn`t even worried about it.

  • 这些都是小事 (zhèxiē dōu shì xiǎoshì.)

These were all just little problems.

  • 我原谅你了 (wǒ yuánliàng nǐle.)

I forgive you

  • 这次就算了 (zhè cì jiùsuàn le.)

Let`s forget about it.

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