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Ordering & Eating Hot Pot in China

白锅 (bái guō) non-spicy broth (literally white pot)

红锅 (hóng guō) spicy broth (literally red pot)

鸳鸯锅 (yuānyang guō) mix of non-spicy and spicy broth (literally a happily married couple)

肉类 (ròu lèi) meat

杂项 (zá xiàng) Miscellaneous

海鲜 (hǎi xiān) seafood

菌类 (jùn lèi) mushroom

豆制品 (dòu zhì pǐn) bean products

蔬菜 (shū cài) vegetables

主食 (zhǔ shí) staple food

饮料 (yǐn liào) beverage

上火 (shàng huǒ) raises internal temperature

下火 (xià huǒ) cool internal temperature

蘸酱 (zhàn jiàng) dipping sauce

锅底 (guō dǐ) hotpot soup base

虾 (xiā) shrimp

面条 (miàn tiáo) noodle

羊肉 (yáng ròu) mutton

土豆 (tǔ dòu) potato

平菇 (píng gū) Pleurotus ostreatus

冻豆腐 (dòng dòufu) frozen tofu

鹌鹑蛋 (ānchún dàn) quail egg

猪脑花 (zhū nǎo huā) pig`s brain

鸡毛菜 (jīmáo cài) Chinese little greens

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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. I have my speakers all the way up, but the sound in the video is still very low. Can you check from your end?

    1. Hi Ellen, since this is the first episode, we didn`t control the voice problem very well. In the following videos, it will get better and better. Thank you for your suggestion!

  2. This is a wonderful video. It reminded me that the first time I went to a hot pot restaurant in Beijing, the name of the restaurant in English was “Rinse and Grill Meat.”

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