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The Summary of Serial Verbs Sentence in Chinese (1)


Sentences with Serial Verb Phrases consist of two or more Verbs or Verbal phrases which are predicative of the same Subject. Its basic form is

‘Subject+ Verb1+(Object1)+Verb2+ (Object2)’


And here in HSK 1, the serial verbs construction is like this:

去 + (place) + to do something

The “place” part can be omitted. “to do something” is the purpose of the former.


我去中国学汉语。(Wǒ qù zhōngguó xué hànyǔ.)I go to China to learn Chinese.

他去饭点吃饭。(Tā qù fàn diǎn chīfàn.)He goes to restaurant to have meal.

他们去商店买东西。(Tāmen qù shāngdiàn mǎi dōngxi.)They go to the shop to buy things.


To learn more about the serial verbs sentences, please check it here.

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