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The Summary of Wh-Questions in Chinese

Wh-questions refer to the sentences where an interrogative pronoun is used to raise the question



1. The particles“什么”, “怎么”, “哪里”, “谁” and“为什么” are used to ask “what”, “how”, “where”, “Who” and “why” in Chinese. If you want to ask something specific, these particles are really helpful, such as:

你想吃什么?(Nǐ xiǎng chī shén me?) What do you want to eat?

你叫什么名字?(Nǐ jiào shén me míng zi?) What is your name?

去故宫怎么走?(Qù gù gōng zěn me zǒu?) How can I get to the Imperial Place?

这道题怎么做?(Zhè dào tí zěn me zuò?) How can I solve this question?

哪里能买到汉语词典?(Nǎ lǐ néng mǎi dào hàn yǔ cí diǎn?)
Where can I buy a Chinese dictionary?

你要去哪里?(Nǐ yào qù nǎ lǐ?) Where would you want to go?

他是谁?(Tā shì shuí?) Who is he?

谁是美国人? (Shuí shì měi guó rén?) Who is an American?

他为什么没来?(Tā wèi shén me méi lái?) Why doesn’t he come?

2. When you want to ask how much or how many about something or somebody in Chinese, you can use “几”, “多”, such as:

这件衣服多少钱?(Zhè jiàn yī fu duō shǎo qián?) How much are these clothes?

这孩子多大了?(Zhè hái zi duō dà le?) How old is this child?

现在几点了?(Xiàn zài jǐ diǎn le?) What is the time now?

你要几个苹果?( Nǐ yào jǐ gè píng guǒ) How many apples do you want?

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