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Various Ways to Say THANK YOU in Chinese

One of the first Chinese words you learned was probably 谢谢 which means “thanks” in English. Even if you don`t plan to be a Chinese expert, you still need to know how to express your kindness, appreciation, or gratitude to Chinese people you meet. It`s quite necessary, right? But did you know that there is more than one expression to say thank you in Chinese? Today we will talk about the uses of “thanks” in Chinese.

1. The common ways to say THANK YOU.

谢谢 [xiè xiè] thanks

谢谢你 [xiè xiè nǐ] thank you


谢谢你给我很多建议。(Xièxie nǐ gěi wǒ hěnduō jiànyì.)

Thank you for giving me so many suggestions.


多谢/谢了[duōxiè/xiè le] (more colloquial)


请把书递给我,多谢!(Qǐng bǎ shū dì gěi wǒ, duōxiè.)

Please pass me the book. Thanks!


感谢 [gǎn xiè] (more formal)


A:这是你的钱包吗?(Zhè shì nǐ de qiánbāo ma?)

    Is this your wallet?

B:啊, 我的钱包!非常感谢。(A, wǒ de qiánbāo! Fēicháng gǎnxiè.)

   Ah, my wallet! Thank you very much.


2. When someone does something for you and it was difficult for them, you can use the following phrases to express your appreciation or even guilt.


辛苦了 [xīn kǔ le] thank you for all the trouble you went to./ You`ve been working very hard.

(You realized and appreciate his/her hard working)


A:我检查了你所有的汉语作业。(Wǒ jiǎnchá le nǐ suǒyǒu de hànyǔ zuòyè.)

   I checked all your Chinese homework.

B:辛苦你了!(Máfán nǐ le!)

   Thank you for your hard work!


麻烦了 [má fán le] sorry for the inconvenience

(This is something that would be an inconvenience to them)


这件衣服还是太大了,能再给我一件小的吗?麻烦你了。(Zhè jiàn yīfú háishì tài dà le, néng zài gěi wǒ yī jiàn xiǎo de ma? Máfán nǐ le.)

This cloth is still too big. Could you please give me a smaller one? Sorry for the inconvenience.


3. Chinese ways to say thank you

This might be different from other foreign cultures, but Chinese culture requires showing humility and modesty. When receiving compliments, Chinese people often accept it by refusing or denying it, especially the older generations. Nowadays the young people behave more western and accept the compliments directly.

哪里哪里 [nǎlǐ nǎlǐ] no, no (thank you very much)

没有没有 [méiyǒu méiyǒu] no, no, that`s nonsense

过奖了 [guòjiǎng le] you flatter me


A:你真漂亮啊!(Nǐ zhēn piàoliang a!)

   You are really pretty!

B:哪里哪里,你过奖了。(Nǎlǐ nǎlǐ, nǐ guòjiǎng le.)

   No no, you flatter me.


A:你最新的音乐是大师级作品啊!(Nǐ zuìxīn de yīnyuè shì dàshī jí zuòpǐn a!)

   Your latest music work is kind of masterpiece!

B:没有没有,还差得远。(Méiyǒu méiyǒu, hái chà dé yuan.)

   No no, not at all. There is long way to go.


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