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Six Chinese TV Series You Shouldn’t Miss

Many students ask me if there is a more entertaining way to learn Chinese, since the regular learning can sometimes get a little boring. Well, there is such a way, and that is learning the language through Chinese TV series.…

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12 Chinese Proverbs about Love

Without a doubt, Love is a common theme throughout history because it is one of the most powerful human emotions that helps bind people together. Just as with other cultures, the Chinese have a lot of sayings about Love. Here…

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10 Chinese Proverbs about Family

Every culture has its proverbs and wise sayings. They are not only a reflection of what that culture values, but are also a source of those people’s collective wisdom and understanding of life. It is the same with the Chinese.…

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The use of ‘了’(le)in Chinese

Editor`s Notes: 我去了公司了。”When you first read or hear this kind of sentence, you may wonder, why do I need to use two “了” in one sentence? Do they have the same meaning? What are their functions? How do I use…

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Mastering Existential Sentences(存现句) in Mandarin

Let’s now look at ‘存现句’, which are called Existential Sentences. Existential Sentences are an especially useful structure in Mandarin. Chinese people use it to express the existence, appearance, or disappearance of someone or something. It is similar to the ‘There…

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Complex Structure in Chinese: Pivotal Sentence

This time, we are going to talk about ‘兼语句’ (Jiānyǔjù), Pivotal sentence, which is a special structure that plays an important role in Chinese. I believe many learners willhave or have had trouble while working with it. So, here I’ll…

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