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Pursue the Commons in the words“上”(shang)and“下”(xia)

“上”and“下”,two of the most common words in daily life . We always say“上班(shàng bān: on duty) ”、“下班(xià bān: off duty)”,“上车(shàng chē: get on)”、“下车(xià chē: get off)”,“上厕所(shàng cè suǒ: go to bathroom)”,but we never say“下厕所(xià cè suǒ: get out the bathroom)”.…

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Slang Similarities in English and Chinese

In the process of learning Chinese, you may find that many slangs or idioms between Chinese and English are similar, like in English “a piece of cake”and in Chinese “小菜一碟 xiǎo cài yì dié”, both expressing how easy something is;…

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