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6 Common Chinese Chengyu For Life and Success

Chinese Chengyu (成语, Chéngyǔ) plays an important role in Chinese culture. They are the collected wisdom from ancient Chinese people; and they contain deep insights into human life. Behind the four-character Chengyu, there are always definitions, stories, and also rich…

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Chinese Ghost Month – The Taboos You Must Know

In Chinese culture, the seventh month of the Lunar Calendar holds special significance. It is known as “Ghost Month” 鬼月(Guǐ yuè), and hosts the so-called “Ghost Festival” (鬼节, Guǐ jié) on July 15th of the Lunar Calendar; several Asian countries…

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Chinese Idioms or Chéngyǔ About Animals

What is a Chinese idiom/Chéngyǔ? Briefly speaking, Chengyu (成语, Chéngyǔ) are Chinese idioms that are normally made up of four Chinese characters. Chengyu are usually handed down from way back in Chinese history, and thus, over this long periodof time,…

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5 Lucky Things in Chinese Culture

Who doesn’t want to be “lucky”? Every culture, in their search for special “lucky charms”, has their own symbols that they believe will bring them good fortune. There are tons of Chinese words and phrases that mean “lucky”, “auspicious”, or…

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10 Chinese Travel Superstitions

In the immortal words of Hans Christian Andersen, "to travel is to live." But the question then becomes, where do you live when you travel? A hotel? A hostel?? A yurt??? Accommodations are a huge part of traveling, and it’s…

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