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Everyday Animal Related Slangs and Buzzwords in Chinese

In everyday Chinese conversations, animal-related slang expressions are indispensable. They show up frequently and are widely known among Chinese people nowadays. These words and phrases not only enrich the language but also reflect Chinese people’s feelings and values. So, slang…

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20 Common Chinese Slang Words

As with all languages, Chinese has an informal set of slang words which can be quite useful to know and can help one communicate better. Chinese slang usually can’t be learned from formal courses, but you’ll hear it all around…

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Popular Chinese Slang Collection — Part 4

#16 人山人海 People mountain people sea. It means there are a lot of people in some place, very crowded. usually describe a big event, a scene. e.g    In China, train station is always people mountain people sea.        在中国,火车站总是人山人海。       …

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Popular Chinese Slang Collection — Part 3

#11 雷 雷means “thunder”. Now we also use it to express something is "unacceptable, incredible, or too exaggerate, we are shocked by it". e.g  Sometimes we are shocked by Lady Gaga.        有时候Lady Gaga 太雷了。        (yǒushíhou Lady Gaga tài…

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Popular Chinese Slang Collection — Part 2

#6 基友 基友 is a trending slang term that refers to gay men or relationships. 基is from the "g" from "gay". Most recently, it has also been used to refer jokingly to close (straight) male friends, as well as video…

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Popular Chinese Slang Collection — Part 1

#1. 给力 “Gelivable” means something is cool, or cooperative; “awesome” also works for it. “Gelivable” is a Chinese word in the English alphabet, with its original form in pinyin, “geili.” In Chinese, “Gei”(给) means “to give” and “Li”(力) means “power”…

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