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Amazing Books for Kids Learning Chinese

All of us agree that reading gives us joy, beauty, and education. By  exposing ourselves to a wide range of words, we build our vocabulary. By working out what happens in stories, we train our comprehension skills. Additionally, books give…

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Full Chinese Character Strokes List

A lot of Chinese learners may think that Chinese characters just look like a bunch of lines and squares that makes no sense to them. For most beginners, writing Chinese characters is more like drawing rather than writing. But, if…

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Recommended Chinese Characters Books

Finding the right Chinese Characters book can be difficult. There are so many different options, and it can be hard to tell at a glance if a certain book will have the right approach for you. This article covers several…

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Chinese Characters – How do they work?

Any student of Mandarin Chinese can agree that at the start of your learning, memorizing characters is a daunting task! Modern dictionaries will have in excess of 50,000 characters where approximately 21,000 of those characters are in contemporary usage. As…

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