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How to pronounce [d]/[t] in Chinese Pinyin

How to pronounce [d]: Make an obstacle by keeping your tip of tongue touch the upper alveolar ridge, compress air in your mouth and then release the airflow by quickly break through the obstacle without vibration of the cord. The…

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How to pronounce [er] in Chinese Pinyin

Keep your tongue in the position of “e” and then slightly roll up tip of your tongue. [er] as a separate sound in the syllable but not form a syllable alone sometimes. It is usually combined with another final to…

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Special Spelling Rules of [i] / [u] / [ü]

As we already know, the vowels in the Pinyin system can be an independent syllable itself even without the Pinyin initials. But, there is an exception about the vowels [i], [u], and [ü]. When [i], [u] or [ü] makes a…

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Review & Fun (1)

This week, let’s review some of the characters that we’ve already learnt in previous lessons. To keep it interesting, I have decided to introduce you to “上大人 (shàng dà rén).” Once, Chinese school students were encouraged by their teachers to…

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