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Chinese Poems – Sing and Learn

Ancient Chinese poems are the essence of Chinese culture. It brings you the pure beauty of the Chinese language very concisely with incredibly precise words and rhythms. Some lines from famous poems are used as oral slang these days. So, you can often hear them from Chinese people in daily conversations. Even native Chinese speakers would train their children to recite the most famous poems at a very young age. If you don’t know Chinese poems, you might only be able to have daily greetings with native speakers. But if you can recite or understand some famous poems, you are finally connecting with Chinese people’s souls and culture. Learning poems is not an easy task. But we can start with a handy form, such as singing them. It’s the same method as learning a language from songs. Here, we’ve collected the most famous ancient Chinese poems with beautiful melodies for beginners to enjoy. You can also check out the lyrics, the poems themselves, and the corresponding translations here.

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