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Chinese Speaking Training - The Shadowing Technique

 Do you want to improve your Chinese pronunciation?

Do you want to learn new vocabulary and expressions, in context?

Do you want to sound more natural, like a native Chinese speaker?

Do you want to feel more confident in conversations with native speakers?


If you answered YES!” then join thousands of students around the world who are speaking Chinese more clearly and confidently using the ‘Shadowing Technique’!

About the “Shadowing” Technique

In short, the key is imitation. You need to repeat what you hear. Do not just read out the lines, but imitate the pronunciation, stresses, pauses, tones, intonations, and even emotions.

What benefits you will get

  • not only help train your ears but also your mouth and your brain.
  • take in the combination of all aspects of the language.
  • get your mouth muscles moving in the correct way and pronounce the right words and sentences.
  • get your Chinese pronunciation improved.

How It Works?

Step 1: Listen to the whole conversation or content first. Pay close attention to the marked word or phrase. Remember the pause and the intonation.

Step 2: Listen to the material sentence by sentence and repeat each sentence after listening to it. Try to imitate the pronunciation, the tone, the stress, and even the emotion. Please feel free to shadow each sentence again and again.

Step 3: Listen to the piece of material as a whole and read with it at the same time. Try to make sure your sound matches perfectly with the audio.

Step 4: Record your final achievement and listen to it.

Get Started Now

You can download the PDF script with pinyin and translation.

Download Script
Download Script
Download Script
Download Script
Download Script
Download Script

Unlock all "Shadowing" lessons and take your pronunciation to the next level!

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