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DigMandarin provides a platform for anyone to be a digger of Mandarin, and anyone who loves Chinese to get involved as a voter , volunteer , or patron. Online or offline, class learning or self-learning, anyone can join and be a sharer from all around the world. If one becomes a member of DigMandarin (voter, volunteer, or patron), they will be entered into a sweepstakes to be selected to receive prizes. The prizes will be awarded to individuals with a creative, realistic and useful vision to spark Chinese learning advance.

The Prize for the best five Diggers of Mandarin:


  • Five free online one-on-one skype lessons for each winner (worth 100USD)
  • A 10-lesson video course: Learn Practical Chinese from Movies (worth 20USD)
  • Three Chinese vocabulary e-books (worth 10USD)

All the prizes are offered by Touch Chinese. The prizes of the best five works will be presented on the featured articles page by DigMandarin and get a chance to build their own column on DigMandarin.

The theme:

Online-learning is a new way for gaining knowledge. Online courses are flexible, cheap and saving time. The advantages and disadvantages of learning online are obviously clear, if you ever tried both online and offline ways. DigMandarin invite all Chinese learners and teachers from all over the world to participate in a soliciting essays activity on Online Mandarin Chinese Learning theme. Share your learning experience and suggestions with us.


The submit deadline is Jan 15th, 2015

Assessment Criteria:

The article will be assessed according to the following principles:

  • Promote online Chinese language learning ways
  • Offer practical examples of online Chinese learning
  • Serve as a role model for learners who are learning or finding the ways to learn Chinese
  • Share and recommend great online learning resources about mandarin Chinese
  • The work must be original

Selection process:

Submit article -> Assessment -> Publish prize winners


The DigMandarin reserve the right to reproduce the contributed material for presentation, media and promotional purposes.


It is highly recommended not to wait until the last minute to submit articles. Internet slowness, server problems or other issues beyond the organizers` control may occur, resulting in the deadline passing without the submitting being transmitted.


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