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      1. Find Indications of where to buy books and materials.
      2. Get to know new Mandarin learners from all over the world online.
      3. without sacrificing your privacy as accepting a random friend request .
      4. Discover other Mandarin learning communities on the internet.
      5. Did we mention that it’s for free?
      6. Two words: Homework Help.
      7. Specially when you have one of those teachers who are like.
      8. Or maybe you just want some study tips.
      9.  Who needs iTunes’s Genius music recommendation service, when you can find the best music tracks in Mandarin.
      10. Or maybe discover some cool Chinese movies to watch…
      11.  Get help with idioms and other expressions you read.
      12.  Find out about places and sights to see when travelling to China.
      13. Get cooking tips and find recipes of traditional Chinese cuisine.
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      What am I looking for ?
      Some Chinese texts with the audio (mp3 sound files) and thorough explanations concerning the grammar and the vocabulary of those texts.
      He he, if I were a Chinese man, I would record my own voice and give you the best lessons…

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      Good idea.  That’s sounds very good.

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      very nice, thank you the post.

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      Good idea.  That’s sounds very good.

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      Good idea.

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      Hi digmandarin,     I read on the internet and saw: Chinese Language has changed since 1950 to simplify the way to create word(Dictionary). Vietnamese language has not good points such as some words talk about people,things and animal still refer to same verb(he run…. —-the car run… —the chicken run… ; Neuron of brain very small—>Gray matter will be affected in not good way as i have saw in Vietnamese language).How about Chinese language? do you fix issue like that in simplified Chinese Language?It seems to be small issue but create not good link  as i know in Vietnamese language.I’m learning Chinese language and haven’t found the fix like that. Do you have sound files of hsk1 to hsk6.i only found pdf files.Can you send me sound files if have.

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      Yes, but there is four aspects of learning a language, listening, speaking, reading, and writing, each of which supports each of others. 

      I suggest to learn it in a team / group, such as Jenniferzhu6 in Wechat Group where I am. It is really good that we can get something shared by native-Chinese teachers.

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      What type of topics can be posted here, what things we can post in off-topic boards?

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      To get some study tips and to be updated about the Mandarin community

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