how can I improve my mandarin listening skill

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I have read quite a few Mandarin study books over the years and have a strong enough vocabulary to enable to construct sentences/questions to get me around China ; that’s all right assuming no one speaks to me because my listening comprehension is very weak.

Furthermore my wife (who is Chinese) watches Chinese TV from morning to night but I understand only about 5 per cent and now I have decided to make a concerted effort to improve my listening/understanding skills so I can understand her TV shows.

I do not have to be fluent but just get the gist of what is being said. At the moment I can catch most of the words but I do not their meaning.

I have started following The Growing Up with Chinese series but I find it quite difficult to understand as the conversations seem to be very fast. Also the presenter does not always explain the key words. Happy Chinese series is clearer but there is no script.

By the way I m English married to a Chinese woman living in Indonesia so we speak both Indonesian and English,

Please can you give some advice – my objective is to be understand the programmes on Phoenix, CCTV 4, Star TV’s.    

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Here are some effective methods to improve your Mandarin listening.

1. Expand your Chinese Vocabulary
The lack of vocabulary will directly affect your listening, and accumulating abundant vocabulary is the foundation of listening as well as learning Chinese. You will understand most of meaning of conversations among you and your friends if you can comprehend more than half words in them.

2. Practice the Correct Chinese Pronunciation
Having correct pronunciation is an excellent method to practice Mandarin listening. It is easy to understand a meaning when what you listen to is the same as what you say. For most Chinese learners, the most difficult part in Chinese pronunciation is the four tones. You can get some tips about how to practice four tones here: How to Practice and Master Mandarin Tones

3. Reading Chinese a Lot
Mandarin listening and reading practice should proceed simultaneously. Many people are convinced that improving Mandarin listening is just about listening when in fact, reading promotes listening ability a great deal. Because you will learn many new words and grammar when reading books, you will quickly develop your skills.

4. Intensive Listening
It is better to listen to a single passage again and again rather than listening to a mass of materials just one time. Find good listening resources is very important, because there are tons of Chinese listening resources in the website. You can find the most useful Chinese listening resource in this article: Best Listening Resources for Learning Chinese

5. Extensive Listening
Although intensive listening is important in mandarin listening practice, extensive listening also has significant benefits. Listening to Mandarin at normal speed and from a variety of sources including Chinese songs, Chinese movies or Chinese videos allows for listening improvement.

Get to know more about how to improve Chinese listening in this article:

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When trying to learn intensive Chinese course. The best way to do so in enroll in schools that teach it. They will have all the materials you will need.


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You  can find a lot of Chinese listening practice resources online, here are some popular and highly recommended listening resources :


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Hi, pls read the artical carefully, here have many listening tips from the professional teachers.


Hope can help you!

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If you want to improve your listening skills, you must create a good language environment for yourself.
1.Living in China
If conditions permit, going to a country whose mother tongue is Chinese is definitely the best option
2.Through social software
For example:WeChat,this is the most commonly used social software for Chinese people. You can join some Chinese communication groups to communicate with Chinese lovers, if interested,add Jenniferzhu6.
Hellotalk,this is a pure language communication software,you will meet Chinese people who want to learn English, so that you can teach him English, he teaches you Chinese.
3.Listen to Chinese audio
Listening more can broaden your vocabulary and develop your sense of language.
There is some resources maybe can help you:


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