How do I Learn Chinese Fast?

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2 on July 4, 2017

So you know you want to learn Chinese. Great. But now you’re probably asking yourself a second and more pressing question — how do I learn Chinese fast?

Be careful here. With learning fast you must still put the emphasis on the learning aspect first. If you find yourself compromising learning quality for speed you may end up with all kinds of bad habits, forcing you to re-learn basic things that you had previously thought you’d mastered. That doesn’t sound so fast, does it? 

So, how to optimize a learning strategy that gives you strong fundamentals while going in an organizing way up the ladder of success. Read full blog here 

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0 on July 7, 2017

1. Take the initiative

Talking with others in Chinese, developing good language habits. When you talking with Chinese, pay attention to the speaking tones and grasp some popular expressions.

2. Watching Chinese TV

Often watching Chinese TV and listening to Chinese broadcast, you can improve your spoken Chinese quickly, and these are also the most effective means to improve your Chinese listening skills. Get Chinese TV recommendation here: Top 6 TV Shows For Learning Chinese.

3. Dialogue training

Through the dialogue training, we can grasp some practical Chinese.

4. Replace exercise

Replace some of the ingredients of the original sentence to practice, through this way we can expand our thinking, it is also a good way to rich the exercise content.

5. Images Talking

Using a variety of image to practice talking. This oral practice method is more vivid, intuitional and visual.

6. Repeat

We can repeat what others say. In this way, you don’t need to afraid of making mistakes of the sentence, you just need to repeat. And this way can make you to say more and practice more.

7. Verbal descriptions

Describe a thing or a process of an event. We can also describe a person’s appearance, dress, dormitory and campus. What’s more, an activity, a game and a tourist can be also described.

8. Summarizing

We can watch a movie or a novel, and then summarize them .It helps us to improve the thinking ability and verbal ability.

9. Speech Contest

You can participate in some Chinese Speech Contest. It can improve your oral communication skills and inspire our enthusiasm.

I think the most important thing is your interesting to Chinese, if you are interested in Chinese, you will like to do your best to improve it and you will surely get the satisfying result. Make learning Chinese become an enjoyable thing.


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