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“两”and “二” are numerals that denote numbers, and they refer to the same number-“2”.However, the usage is not exactly the same. In daily communication, you often hear people who can’t tell the difference between“两”and “二”. Today we are going to learn the usage of them.

The meaning of “两”and “二” 1.the basic meaning of “二”

1)The number of nouns-2: 1+1=2 (in the notes and documents, commonly used in the capital “II” generation).eg. 一百零二(102);贰(2)

2)pairs:独一无二(the only one)

3)others:二话不说(Without demur);不二价(one-price)

2.the basic meaning of“两”

1)The number of nouns-2:Generally used before measure word and “个(unit)、半(half)、千(thousand)、万(ten thousand)、亿(billion)”.eg.两本书(twobooks);两个杯子(two cups);分成两半(Divided into two halves);两千块(two thousand rmb)

2)both sides:马路两边(Both sides of the road)

3)Weight-50grams:四两饺子(200 grams of dumplings)

4)Indicates an indefinite number:有两下子(have real skill)


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