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      大家好!I would just like to share a free vocabulary web app that I had created in my spare time. You can find it at It is still in its infancy and I am looking to develop it over the next year or so. It does resemble a lot of the other flashcard apps around but it has some games provided for testing yourself. It contains over 500 words that are categorised eg. Transportation, Food and it contains nearly every word in HSK 1 and 2 and others from the later HSKs within the categories. 

      I had initially created it for myself as I wanted something better suited for myself however, I have decided to put it online and I want to develop it for the general public. This is where your feedback would be amazing! I really hope some people would find it of use and that I can develop it so that it is of more use for everyone. 


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      It’s great that you’ve created this app. I think it’ll be in demand, because such applications can help you in learning the language and expanding your vocabulary. I’m also working on my project now. And even though this is just a PowerPoint presentation, I try to approach this task as responsibly as possible.

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      I find it convenient to use these applications

Viewing 2 reply threads
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