Next steps after learning Hesigs’ 3000  simplified chinese characters

Updated on August 28, 2017 in Learn Chinese
1 on July 6, 2017

I have learned the 3,000 simplified chinese characters of Hesig presents in his 2 books using the “Marilyn Metrhod”. I have time to study during the day but I do not have access to the internet, smart phone, or chinese speaking person during my study times.

I am looking for recommendations for the next step. Along with reading a few vocabulary books, I have read a few graded readers and they help alot but I find them lacking in some areas. Specifically in the amount of compound words contained in them.

I am thinking that the next step is for me to recognize and memorize the vast number of compound words but I haven’t been able to locate a list? (I could locate an anki list and convert it to pdf and print it out)

However, I am really looking for the experience of others on this forum and what has worked for them to learn simplified chinese after they have finished the Hesig books.

Thanks you!

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