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      Tomorrow will be the first time I try the new HSK test. At the moment I have old HSK 5 level certificate and now I’m trying the same level on the new HSK. In this post I want to share how I prepared for the test and hope it to be helpful for other learners of Chinese.


      Mock tests

      My first step towards the new system was to do an online mock new HSK in MG test that included the reading section and the first part of writing section, where you have to put words in the right order to form a sentence). You can do the test on I did the test in the beginning of September and got 161 points out of 220.


      After that I continued practicing with a book called new HSK in MG Mock Tests for Level 5. I got the book from a friend and unfortunately I don’t have the cd that belongs to the book. So I have only done some reading and writing exercises. From reading section  I’ve got following scores: 39/45, 31/45 and 31/45. The book contains 8 mock tests and I believe that it gets gradually difficult from the beginning. At Least that usually seems to be the case with these kind of books.


      I have only done one listening mock test from which I got 42 points out of 45. Only three wrong! This mock test is also an official one so I guess it should represent the level of the real new HSK in MG exam. At Least I hope so based on the listening section! You can find the whole exam with mp3 audio from Confucius Institute’s website.


      Faster than fast

      The tricky part is also to be fast enough. For the reading section there is only 40 minutes to finish all 45 questions. You have to read fast and choose the answer even faster. The third part of reading section includes about five articles and each has three to five questions. First I read the first question and tI still have tomorrow morning to review some little words like 在于,由此,由于 and 至此 which always seem to give a headache for me.hen start reading the article, when I find the answer I read the second questions and continue reading. Seems that in almost every case the answers can be found in order from the article.


      In writing section you also have only 40 minutes. I think I’m going to use about 5- 10 minutes with the eight sentences in the first part and then 15-17 minutes with each of the essays.



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      Thank you for your sharing! 考试加油!

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      Hi all,

      Here’s the YouTube playlist for HSK Level 5 practice and skills:

      Great videos. very smart and practical.

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      Impressive to hear you are going for HSK 5 Chinese test! This is a well respected degree. As most of you know, HSK5 is comparable with ERK level C1 and it shows you know around 2.500 Chinese characters.

      Very important is that you study specifically for the HSK5 test and you focus on the HSK 5 characters 2017. It’s important to know the correct words, in order to understand the sentences, etc.
      It’s highly recommended to study in different ways. The following tools can I recommend to progress to master in HSK 5:
      Besides the HSK5 Vocabulary (with Chinese characters, Pinyin) you might consider printable/online Flashcards and study the real HSK5 Official Test Exam(s), such as:
      Search online for free Official HSK Test Exams, such as:

      HSK5 Chinese Exam incl Audio and Answers:
      This website
      has them all including Answers and the necessary Audio track.

      See here some very interesting websites for you that will help you to master the Chinese language:


      HSK official vocabulary books HSK vocabulary, you may buy some book on synonyms for example

      Good luck and I hope you make it!

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      Here are the channel for the HSK exams

      it will very helpful for your hsk 5 test


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      Two-way translations (russian – english).  Details on the site


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      Thank you for this

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      Very important is that you study specifically for the HSK5 test and you focus on the HSK 5 characters 2017

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      Preparing for the New HSK Level 5 test requires a systematic approach and dedicated practice. Here are some tips to help you with your preparation:

      1. Familiarize yourself with the test format: Understand the structure of the New HSK Level 5 test, including the different sections, such as listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Get acquainted with the types of questions and tasks you will encounter in each section.
      2. Build your vocabulary: Expand your vocabulary by studying words and phrases specific to Level 5. Focus on both general vocabulary and vocabulary related to specific topics such as politics, economics, culture, and society.
      3. Enhance your reading skills: Read extensively in Chinese to improve your reading comprehension. Practice reading different genres, such as news articles, essays, and fictional texts. Pay attention to understanding the main ideas, details, and the context in which the information is presented.
      4. Improve your listening skills: Listen to a variety of audio materials, including podcasts, interviews, speeches, and news broadcasts. Practice understanding main ideas, specific details, and the speaker’s attitude or intention.
      5. Develop your writing skills: Practice writing essays or short compositions on various topics. Focus on expressing your ideas clearly, using appropriate vocabulary and grammar structures. Seek feedback from teachers or native speakers to improve your writing skills.
      6. Enhance your speaking skills: Engage in conversations with native speakers or language partners to improve your fluency and accuracy. Practice discussing various topics and expressing your opinions. Pay attention to pronunciation, intonation, and appropriate use of language in different contexts.
      7. Take mock tests: Practice with mock tests to familiarize yourself with the test conditions and timing. This will help you build confidence and identify areas that need improvement.
      8. Review grammar and sentence structures: Ensure you have a good understanding of grammar rules and sentence structures at Level 5. Practice using different grammar patterns in context to reinforce your knowledge.
      9. Seek professional guidance: Consider enrolling in a Chinese language course or working with a tutor who specializes in HSK preparation. They can provide guidance, personalized instruction, and feedback on your progress.
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