Studying Mandarin Chinese in HK

Updated on August 4, 2020 in Learn Chinese
0 on August 5, 2020

Considering the current situation with the pandemic + protests, how crazy do you think it is to come to Hong Kong to study Mandarin? (I rly wanna master my Chinese but China is closed)

I know that Hong Kong has never been a popular place to learn Mandarin, and the locals don’t speak it well, BUT it is literally the only part of China (no politics here, I am just referring to the region), which is still possible to enter as a foreigner if you do not have permanent residence. HK immigration is still issuing student visas, while mainland and Taiwan don’t even make any vague promises about openning. I have been to HK several times and locals seemed pretty friendly when I was trying to practice my Mandarin with them. However since my Chinese is pretty average (I was studying in Shanghai for half of a year before before the pandemic) + recent political situation and the fact that I am white, so I guess locals would still prefer to use eng or canto.

Anyways, how is the situation in the city? how do locals react if you address them in Mandarin? Is it possible to have enough practice? Are there any mainlanders left or all flee back to China? or locals actually would be happy to practise Mandarin with me just for fun, like they do in China/Taiwan?

Hope someone living in HK could advice me with this.

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