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DigMandarin Community Forums Learn Chinese Where can I buy a book on the 4 Chinese classics? (Preferably with Pinyin)

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      Anybody here know where to buy a copy of the 4 Chinese classics with pinyin? It would most likely be a children’s book… If it can be found on Taobao, that would be great, if it can be found in a bookstore somewhere in Shanghai, even better! I’d really like to read the book (with the help of pinyin). I have a problem with reading as I tend to forget the meanings of characters and/or how they are read so I’m hoping this method will work (or help).

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      thanks a lot
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      Hello, if you want to buy a copy of the 4 Chinese classics with pinyin then you can search it online on google search. Because over there you can find anything.

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      For a vast amount of famous novels, there are Mandarin translations available. Most of the Harry Potter (哈利波特) books I have read in Taiwan editions with traditional Chinese characters, one from China with simplified characters. Hong Kong is quite productive as well in this field. But some of the books are hard to get in Europe. Maybe it’s easier in the US. If you wish to have a certain novel in Chinese just look it up on Google, Wikipedia, or Amazon. I just wrote “old man and the sea + Chinese” in the Google search bar and found several entries.

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      oooo thanks

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