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From a Newbie to a Popular Chinese Blogger

In my previous article, Interview with Founder of Popular Chinese Blog: Chen You, we saw an overview of the popular Facebook page and its founder, 陈有. Many of you were curious to learn how he creates so many excellent posts. So let’s take a look at the behind-the-scenes aspects of All about Chinese.

Working Progress

1. Quote selection: Choose a quote about love and life, or find a quote by himself.
2. Translation: Translate from Chinese to English, or English to Chinese.
3. Image selection: Find an image that matches the chosen quote.
(如果你相信自己,别人也会相信你! If you believe in yourself, so will others!)

4. Scheduling: Discover the best time to post on Facebook daily.

Complex Words

1. Choosing a topic: Select an interesting topic that people would like to learn more about.
2. Teach vocabulary: Teach people some key vocabulary words that are associated with the chosen topic. Check that Chinese, Pinyin and English are all correct.
3. Selecting/creating a picture: Find or create a picture that can be shown alongside the new vocabulary words.

That`s the way he made the posts you can see eventually. Thank you for his hard working, so we can see such a lively Chinese Facebook page.



Jing Cao is the chief editor at Dig Mandarin. She devotes herself to the research of Chinese language and how to teach Chinese as a second language better.

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