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Various ways to say “have fun” in Chinese

The common expressions

玩得开心 (wán de kāixīn)


This is the most common way to say “have fun” in Chinese, literally meaning “play happily.”


希望你们玩得开心! (Xīwàng nǐmen wán de kāixīn!) Hope you all have fun!

祝你在派对上玩得开心。 (Zhù nǐ zài pàiduì shàng wán de kāixīn.) Have fun at the party.

你们去旅行玩得开心吗? (Nǐmen qù lǚxíng wán de kāixīn ma?) Did you have fun on your trip?

好好玩(儿) (hǎo hao wánr)


This is a casual and friendly way to tell someone to “have fun” or “enjoy yourself.”  And the second “好” is often a light tone.


你们去吧,好好玩! (Nǐmen qù ba, hǎo hao wán!) Go ahead, have fun!

在朋友家好好玩! (Zài péngyǒu jiā hǎo hao wán!) Have fun at your friend’s house!

今天是周末,好好玩吧! (Jīntiān shì zhōumò, hǎo hao wán ba!) It’s the weekend, have fun!

The extended phrases to express “have fun” in Chinese

玩得愉快 (wán de yúkuài)


This phrase also means “have fun” and emphasizes a pleasant experience.


希望你们在海滩上玩得愉快。 (Xīwàng nǐmen zài hǎitān shàng wán de yúkuài.) Hope you have fun at the beach.

玩得愉快,别忘了拍照。 (Wán de yúkuài, bié wàng le pāi zhào.) Have fun and don’t forget to take pictures.

祝你们在游乐园玩得愉快。 (Zhù nǐmen zài yóulèyuán wán de yúkuài.) Have fun at the amusement park.

尽情玩 (jìnqíng wán)


This phrase means “have fun to the fullest” or “enjoy to the fullest.”


尽情玩,不用担心! (Jìnqíng wán, bùyòng dānxīn!) Have fun to the fullest, don’t worry!

在假期里尽情玩吧! (Zài jiàqī lǐ jìnqíng wán ba!) Have fun to the fullest during the holiday!

尽情玩,别有压力。 (Jìnqíng wán, bié yǒu yālì.) Have fun to the fullest, don’t stress.

开心点 (kāixīn diǎn)


This phrase translates to “be happy” and is often used to encourage someone to have fun.


放松点,开心点! (Fàngsōng diǎn, kāixīn diǎn!) Relax and have fun!

和朋友们出去玩,开心点。 (Hé péngyǒu men chūqù wán, kāixīn diǎn.) Go out with friends and have fun.

今天的活动一定要开心点。 (Jīntiān de huódòng yīdìng yào kāixīn diǎn.) Make sure to have fun at today’s event.

祝你们玩得高兴 (zhù nǐmen wán de gāoxìng)


This phrase means “wish you have fun” and emphasizes happiness.


祝你们周末玩得高兴。 (Zhù nǐmen zhōumò wán de gāoxìng.) Wish you a fun weekend.

祝你们在游乐场玩得高兴。 (Zhù nǐmen zài yóulè chǎng wán de gāoxìng.) Wish you have fun at the amusement park.

祝你们旅行玩得高兴。 (Zhù nǐmen lǚxíng wán de gāoxìng.) Wish you have fun traveling.

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