Hottest Chinese Learning Facebook Pages

As the e-learning and social media influence engages an increasing amount of people, Facebook also has become a hot learning resource for individuals who want to use their fragment time. In 2013, Dig Mandarin published Top Five FaceBook Pages for Learning Chinese. 2 years later, more Chinese enthusiasts and related organizations have fallen into this category. Here comes the hottest Chinese language learning Facebook page rankings!

1.  Written Chinese

The last two years, Written Chinese has amazingly grown. Its followers increased from 12,000 to more than 170,000 along side with their Facebook content also expanding. Now they upload 9 posts per week on average. Approximately, they have 5 vocabulary words posts, which include both simplified and traditional Chinese characters versions along with Pinyin and English definition for you to learn a daily word. They also shoot some short videos about learning strategy and Chinese word learning. What`s more, they are starting to write Chinese related articles to share their views about Chinese language and culture.

 2. All about Chinese

The founder of this page is Chenyou. I witness his growth from a newbie to a popular Chinese blogger. We’ve talked several times and his passion about Chinese language really impressed me. Until now, he insist on uploading more than 20 posts per week and doesn`t do any commercialized things. I think his pure passion to make his own content draws many followers. The beautiful photo selection and motto making builds his unique style. If you need some beautiful sayings and inspiration about love, life and wisdom, don`t miss All about Chinese.

 3. Chineasy

Chineasy is also a recommended Facebook page from our last rank blog. Many famous media outlets have reported on before as well as Dig Mandarin. The designer, Shaolan has become very famous in Chinese language field. One of our contributors even wrote a review about her book, Chineasy Book. Her team is very professional in running their Facebook page. They usually provide building blocks for learners. With these fundamentals, you can learn and review a lot of vocabulary in Chineasy`s typical way. Vivid pictures and specific illustrations make each post high quality. Alongside, they also make some simple test about the learning characters. Day by day, you can remember lots of simple Chinese characters with memorization. We recommend it to the beginners.


 4. Decode Mandarin Chinese

Decode Mandarin Chinese – Their Facebook posts frequency is not very high, just about 3 posts each week. However, every time you see their new post, there are lots of contents in it. The post is typically vocabulary oriented. The related vocabulary collection gives Decode Mandarin Chinese it’s unique style and leaves you enough time to digest. If you want to learn more Chinese words, these posts can be your flashcards.

 5. Touch Chinese

Touch Chinese still keeps their own pace and posts style. One or two posts per day allow you to get used to learning Chinese with them in short time frame. Their team are consisted with real Chinese teachers. Their online teaching experience and professional knowledge give you an excellent guide. You can find a variety of content on their Facebook page including traditional festivals, custom culture, mandarin Chinese learning, Chinese learning related articles and even free or paid self-made videos. All in all, they mainly focus on mandarin Chinese learning in a fun way.

 6. Chine Informations

Most of the China related Facebook page is written in English. If you are a French speaker, Chine Informations is the page you don`t want to miss. All the French descriptions make me realize that there are many other languages speakers who want to know more about China. It seems a travel website but they also provide lots of Chinese news and culture contents. It`s a good way for French speakers to enrich their knowledge about China.

 7. Dig Mandarin

As Dig Mandarin is a site helps people discover how to best learn Chinese, and their Facebook page also provide various learning resource to satisfy learners` needs. There are all aspects of contents about grammar, pronunciation, characters, writing, culture and etc. Their daily posts contain nice picture and knowledge conclusion by series. One of the attractive points is there are lots of systematic high quality articles and videos about mandarin Chinese and Chinese culture. They also share other FB pages` good contents to all followers.

 8. Mandarin Chinese from Scratch

Our old friend and contributor, Oksana made this Chinese-English-Russian combination Facebook page Mandarin Chinese from Scratch. People from all three countries will find it very useful. She herself insists on making good original posts. Her sincere and persisting leads her to go further in the field. She devotes herself to Chinese characters and vocabulary contents. Now she provides more and more knowledge point collection posts.

 9. Off the Great Wall

Finally, there is a Chinese culture video oriented Facebook page. Off the Great Wall is already very popular on Youtube. If you don`t want to check out too many websites, don’t worry. They also post their videos on Facebook. Don`t worry missing their funny and enlightening videos. It`s not focusing on mandarin Chinese learning, but Chinese culture. The hosts are combined of both Western and Chinese background. Their special view about China make their videos with so much fun and knowledgeable . Get to know more about China in a relaxed way.


We believe there are still many other great Facebook pages about Chinese language and culture. Which FB page do you love best? What FB pages are you following that we didn`t mentioned above? Please feel free to share it with us! Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing you again.



Jing Cao is the chief editor at Dig Mandarin. She devotes herself to the research of Chinese langugage and how to teach Chinese as a second language better.