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How to pronounce [g]/[k] in Chinese Pinyin

How to pronounce [g]:


Form an obstacle by raising the back of tongue to touch the soft palate and then release the airflow by quickly break through the obstacle without vibration of the cord. The sound of [g] is similar to the “g” in English word “go”.

How to pronounce [k]:


The position of articulation is the same as that of [g] but airflow is pushed out forcibly without vibration of the vocal cord. The sound of [k] sound like the “k” in English word “king”.

The Similarities:

1. [g] [k] are both velar plosive initials.

2. Vocal cord: [d] [t] are voiceless.

The Difference:

[g] is unaspirated while [t] is aspirated.

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