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Learn to Recognize and Write Chinese Character (PDF)

Whether it’s because of the beauty of the language, or because of necessity, i many people have taken up the Chinese language in an effort to master it. Of particular attraction is the uniqueness and distinction of the Chinese characters. However, after a short period of studying, many may have decided to quit learning Chinese characters. “Not necessary.” “Too difficult.” “It`s slowing down my learning.” are some of the reasons given.

Well, the fact is, learning Chinese characters is not only necessary, but it is the key to mastering this language. During your learning, especially after the beginning level, understanding the characters will speed up your learning in leaps and bounds. Stopping to learn the characters will make it impossible to move to the next level.

Here, we collect useful content about learning Chinese characters as a general guide to help you develop greater mastery of the language. It includes all the learning tips, suggestions, and resource recommendations which will help you overcome your anxiety and achieve success in your learning journey.

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chinese grammar pdf

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