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Learn Chinese: PDF Lessons Download (Free)

[PDF] The Top 10 Essential Tools for Smart Chinese Learner

Most of those trying to learn Chinese do so as a means of communicating with native Chinese people. No matter whether you just want to travel in China and have an easier time by knowing the language, or you wish to do business with the Chinese people, “situation-oriented” learning is one of the most practical ways to learn the language. Now, DigMandarin launches the “Learn Chinese In Everyday Life” channel to make your learning more convenient and purposeful. To make your review more efficient, the related audios and Learn Chinese PDF versions are provided for you to download. You can now listen and read the content anywhere, anytime, for free.

There are various sections of each PDF, and each one targets a particular topic, such as during a flight, a hotel situation, when you are shopping, etc. We will update the channel regularly with new topics in the future. If you would like to suggest to us interesting topics for us to feature, please let us know!

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