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Winkie Wong, Chinese Teacher
Chinese Teacher

Learning Chinese pinyin is the first step you have to take when you start to learn the Chinese language. This will help you learn pronunciation system much more easily, and it will also give you a shortcut to properly accessing the language.

To learn Pinyin, you will find three main parts to construct a complete Pinyin syllable. These are the Pinyin Initial (声母), the Pinyin Final (韵母) and the Tone (声调). To help you better learn the language, I provide you a free pinyin course here from my “Chinese Made Simple Course“. This course is structured based on these respective component categories.

The first four lessons are about a general Pinyin introduction and the 22 total Initials detailed instructions. This is then followed by four lessons about the Finals instruction. There are 33 Finals in total, with the first 6 being the fundamental Finals, and the others are the compound Finals. There is also an individual lesson talking about the Tones, which can be a tough problem for most learners. I will be giving you some tricks and methods to master the Tones. Last but not the least, there will be a summary of the Pinyin rules and a final overview, which will present you a full image of the pronunciation system.

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