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Chinese Flashcards

Learning a language is like a game of putting different chunks of what you’re studying together to make a structure complete. If the pronunciation is the foundation, then the vocabulary are the bricks. The more bricks you have, the more precisely you can “build the structure” and express yourself. However, you have to remember that memorizing is not a one-shot thing. The usual sequence is “Memorize – Forget – Repeat”. Repeating and practicing regularly makes flashcards work so well for vocabulary. In this section, we collect a series of Chinese vocabulary flashcards on various topics to give kids a fast way to check their vocabulary. It includes Chinese words, English translations, pinyin, sound records, and even related pictures which can help the kids understand the flashcards easier. Better yet, they can take a quick test to check the results of their memorization. Just keep an eye on it and refresh the kids` vocabulary. The Chinese flashcards topics will be updated regularly.

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