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Popular Chinese Slang Collection — Part 3

#11 雷


雷means “thunder”. Now we also use it to express something is “unacceptable, incredible, or too exaggerate, we are shocked by it”.

e.g  Sometimes we are shocked by Lady Gaga.
       有时候Lady Gaga 太雷了。

       (yǒushíhou Lady Gaga tài léi le 。)

#12 你行你上


“You can you up” is a Chinglish from 你行你上。 It means “if you can do it then you should go up and do it.” It used against people who criticize others` work, especially when the criticizer is not that much better.

e.g    A: 你又输了。 You lost again. (nǐ yòu shū le。)
         B: 你行你上。 You can you up. (nǐ xíng nǐ shàng。)

#13 牛逼


It`s possibly influenced by the expression 吹牛皮 (chuī niú pí) which means “to brag”. It means “awesome”.

e.g  The novels he writes are fxxking awesome.

       (tāxiěde xiǎoshuō tài niúbī le 。)

#14 傻逼


傻 means “silly”. 傻逼 means “a person that makes everything worse” or “a fool”.

e.g    Stop gabbing. I`m not a fool.


         (bié láodao le ,wǒ búshì shǎbī 。)

#15 装逼


Zhuangbility is a Chinese English. It means “to boast” or somewhat in English.

e.g   I know you! Don`t play zhuangbility any more.

       我认识你! 别再装逼了。

       (wǒ rènshi nǐ ! bié zài zhuāngbī le 。)

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