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Popular Chinese Slang Collection — Part 4

#16 人山人海


People mountain people sea. It means there are a lot of people in some place, very crowded. usually describe a big event, a scene.

e.g    In China, train station is always people mountain people sea.


       (zài zhōngguó ,huǒchēzhàn zǒngshì rénshānrénhǎi 。)

#17 伤不起


Literally 伤不起 is translated as ” can`t afford the hurt”. It`s used to exaggerate that something or some condition is too terrible or unsatisfactory and can hardly be accepted.

e.g  I fail the exam! Poor me!

       (wǒ kǎoshì bùjígé !shāngbùqǐ a !)

#18 帅呆了


The structure ” x 呆了“ means ” x extremely”. Here “帅呆了” is very handsome.

e.g  Brad Pitt is very handsome.
       Brad Pitt 帅呆了。

       (Brad Pitt shuàidāile。)

#19 土豪


To say some one is 土豪 is to imply they come from a poor peasant/pezent/ background ,and have made it rich quick- but don`t have the manners, or sophistication to go along with it. Which loosely translated means “nouveau riche”.

e.g    Tuhao, let`s make a friend!


       ( tǔháo ,wǒmen zuòpéngyou ba !)

#20 抬举


抬举 is “to praise or favor”. If someone praises you for something, this phrase says “Thank you for praising” with real Chinese style.

e.g   You flatter me!


       ( nǐ tài táijǔ wǒ le !)

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