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Botu Spring, Jinan, Shandong (趵突泉,济南市,山东省)


Centering around springs, Baotu Spring Park is a natural spring garden unique in ethnic style. Baotu Spring, the best one among the famous 72 springs in Jinan, is hailed as "the first spring under the heaven", where the spring water spurts out in three prongs with water droplets falling around, which is very spectacular. The spring water is very sweet, optimum for making tea, which is limpid in color, rich in aroma, and tastes good. Sitting under the "Watching Crane Pavilion" in the east side of the spring with a cup of tea in hand, one's mind will fly faraway and hates to leave.
Throughout history, Baotu Spring Park is the performing place for talk-show and local opera. During the weekend, some classical pieces of Peking Opera, such as "seeking a rich son-in-law" and "watch-Yangzi River pavilion", will be performed under the "White Snow Building". Tourists can also enjoy some local special opera here, like Lü Ju and Liuzi Opera.
"Bamboo Woods Garden" takes a land of 18 Mu and the garden got its name in the Yuan Dynasty, when the garden was very large and full of bamboo. In the garden lie some famous springs, including Wangshui Spring, Donggao Spring and Baiyun Spring, along with four pavilions, five bridges and one flower garden. In 1985, the Memorial Hall of Li Kuchan was established here and now the "Bamboo Grove Garden" is attached to the Baotu Spring Park.

Baotu Spring, Jinan, Shandong, China

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