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Summary: This book is unique and contains discussions, which cannot be found in most of the textbooks. Topic will range from: detailed and full explanations for vocabularies, grammatical particles, expressions (colloquial and idioms), difference between similar vocabulary (why to use this word and not that word) and more. Humorous pictures [...]
Summary: Encounter is a very unique textbook that I am using it this semester in Fudan-UC Exchange Student Program. I feel that it is more like a TV series rather than a textbook. Accompanied with this textbook are hours of video materials, comprising dramatic episodes, cultural segments, and animations all [...]
Summary: This teaching book set consists of 4 volumes, each of which includes a textbook, teacher’s guide, workbook, practice test book and additional reading materials. It takes the task-based teaching theory where these textbooks integrate trainings on speaking, listening, reading and writing skills; while focuses on difficult and important key [...]
Summary: Kuaile Hanyu literally translates to Happy Chinese, is a set of Chinese teaching materials specially compiled for teenagers. Kuaile Hanyu is initially designed for Britain middle school student aged from 11 to 16. Therefore, it suits the psychological level and learning requirements of young learners. It has fun content [...]
Summary: For those of us who have yet to travel to China (including myself), this can be an excellent tool in two ways :(1) Practice reading entire texts in characters and testing your comprehension (2) learn more about the culture of China from an insider’s perspective. So later on, you [...]
Summary: This AP Chinese book is divided into the 4 areas of Language learning: Listening, Speaking, Writing, Reading, with a chapter dedicated to each one of these areas. As a bonus, it also has two chapters with Cultural Notes about China, completely written in Traditional and Simplified characters (motivating you [...]
Summary: This textbook claims it is “the most popular textbook for foreigners all over the world”. The Beijing Language and Culture University Press first published this book in 1990 and it unexpectedly became a star item. The main reason for its popularity was how well it fit the need of [...]
Summary: Integrated Chinese is used frequently in the Universities and colleges in United States which offer Chinese programs. I believe that this is the most suitable program for English speaking students to master Chinese.The book has integrated the various aspects such as listening, speaking, reading as well as writing which [...]
Summary: New practical Chinese reader is a boon for beginners and intermediate students who are keen to master Mandarin Chinese, and even helps professional speakers to hone up their learning skills and take note of various characters and to frame sentences. The New practical Chinese reader is ideal for those [...]
Summary: Chinese Made Easy for Kids includes four volumes. It focuses on developing children’s listening and speaking skills. It starts from the very basics, which is perfect for children who are new at learning Chinese. The third and fourth volumes are also good for Chinese kids living overseas who are [...]
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