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Speedy Vocab

Summary: An interactive flashcard system for learning the HSK vocabulary, together with useful character information, quizzes and over 3,000 sentence activities.


Summary: Skritter is fun and engaging (if not downright addicting!). Its repetition-based system is very well scheduled.

Hello HSK

Summary: "Hello HSK" is a series of apps made to assist you to succeed at that HSK test you’ve been working so hard to prepare [...]

Hello Chinese

Summary: The question that often comes to mind is: how can I get my money back if I realize learning Chinese is not for me? Thanks [...]

Pinyin Chart with Audio

Summary: Chinese Pinyin Chart will take you to a pinyin chart that is very helpful in figuring out which tones correspond to which sounds. Practice [...]

Pleco Dictionary

Summary: The Pleco app serves as a dictionary for the Chinese learner allowing them to search by pinyin, or by radical.

WCC Bigrams App

Summary: The WCC Bigrams App is a flashcard app that drills the learner on the most common two-character Chinese words (bigrams) that show up in [...]
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