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English Idioms with Chinese Origins

Have you ever wondered where idioms come from? Well, being one of the oldest civilizations on our planet today, it is no surprise that the source of many English sayings is China! The Mandarin word for idiom is 成语 and…

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A how to for “picking up” in Chinese

Stop sniggering at the back! When you saw the title, did you think we were learning about how to pick up a man or woman in Chinese class today? We are strictly talking about the Chinese translations of the English…

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How to tell 另外(lìng wài) and 另(lìng) apart!

Once your Chinese learning reaches an intermediate level, you may find that you have some difficulty with synonyms. Most Chinese learners wonder if these synonyms are interchangeable, or wonder which particular word(s) to use in a situation where a couple…

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The Chinese Way to Use ‘make’

When I learnt English, ‘make’ was a verb, which always confused me. For me, there are too many meanings of ‘make’ and some of them are quite different in Chinese. So today let’s look at the usages of ‘make’ in…

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