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‘Survive in Chinese’ Review

Today I will write a review of the ‘Survive in Chinese’ videos on FluentinMandarin. The website comes from the very admirable vision of 25 year old Chris parker to “share with everybody the message that fluent Mandarin is within (their)…

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A Review of Lang-8 for Chinese Writing

Opening / Introduction With so much innovation taking place in language learning, it can sometimes be difficult to pick the best tools to match your learning level, goals and preferences. Today I’d like to review Lang-8, a language exchange social…

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Learning Mandarin Online: Teacher Vs. School

Are you learning Mandarin online? Nowadays, there is no need to explain the benefits of studying via Skype. However, “offline vs. online” is not the only alternative to choose from. Those who have already decided to learn Mandarin online may…

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Learning with Written Chinese Serial Tools

Nora Joy is an American from Wisconsin that initially arrived in Sichuan, China alone and without any Mandarin skills. She quickly discovered that she needed to learn Mandarin fast! Four years later, she is continuing to pursue the same goal:…

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