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‘Survive in Chinese’ Review

Today I will write a review of the ‘Survive in Chinese’ videos on FluentinMandarin. The website comes from the very admirable vision of 25 year old Chris parker to “share with everybody the message that fluent Mandarin is within (their)…

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Make a Wish upon the Horse – 马上

Make a wish upon a... Horse? Bringing New Year's Tidings on "Horseback". As many of you may know, the Spring Festival began on January 31, marking the beginning of the new Chinese year of the horse also known as Chinese…

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Why You Have To Master Chinese Tones

We will explain why you have to master the Chinese tones through two sentences. They would have the exact same pronunciation except different tones on shui and jiao. Sentence A: xiǎo jie, shuǐ (the third tone) jiǎo (the third tone)…

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