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The Top Universities and Chinese Programs in China

As a part of the China’s new “comprehensively deepening” reform and open policy, the Chinese government is considering to launch a new policy for international student who are studying in China’s Universities which will allow international students to directly seek…

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Essential Phrases for your Online Chinese Class

For most of us, a driving motivation to learn spoken Mandarin is its practical application. During a Chinese class, we typically want to focus on language we can actually use “in the wild”, to buy train tickets or communicate with…

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9 Tips to Help You Choose Chinese Lessons by Skype

You know you want to take Skype Chinese lessons because it’s a convenient and flexible way to learn Mandarin Chinese with native teachers. However, when you do your Internet research, you realize that you have many different options, different ways…

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Learning Mandarin Online: Teacher Vs. School

Are you learning Mandarin online? Nowadays, there is no need to explain the benefits of studying via Skype. However, “offline vs. online” is not the only alternative to choose from. Those who have already decided to learn Mandarin online may…

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Learn Mandarin in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the best known cities in the world. Located in the southern region of China, Hong Kong has plenty to offer to visitors. The combination of sight, sounds and tastes is enough to charm any visitor.…

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