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Chinese Greetings You Need to Know

The proper use of Mandarin Chinese greetings can pave the way for establishing good relationships. How does one use correct expressions when meeting someone for the first time? Let me explain that to you. Here is a sample dialogue: A:你好!(nǐ…

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‘Survive in Chinese’ Review

Today I will write a review of the ‘Survive in Chinese’ videos on FluentinMandarin. The website comes from the very admirable vision of 25 year old Chris parker to “share with everybody the message that fluent Mandarin is within (their)…

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How to Address People in Chinese

Do people still call each other 同志 (tóng zhì) in China? You may have seen movies about communist China where citizens call each other 同志 with passion, but the reality is that the use of 同志 has been phasing out…

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Make a Wish upon the Horse – 马上

Make a wish upon a... Horse? Bringing New Year's Tidings on "Horseback". As many of you may know, the Spring Festival began on January 31, marking the beginning of the new Chinese year of the horse also known as Chinese…

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Would You Marry Me?

Marriage is one of the most significant things in a person’s life. In Chinese, “婚”(hūn) is the literal meaning of marriage. This Chinese character has two parts, that is to say, “女”(nǚ) and “昏”(hūn). “女”(nǚ) means a woman and “昏”(hūn)…

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120 Daily Used Short Sentences

Hi all, today my article is quite easy to understand and very useful for every beginner, as it contains 120 useful short sentences in Mandarin language that you can definitely use in your daily life in China. You may call…

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