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Dhruv’s Two Cents on Answering Direct Questions

After spending some time in China, one soon realizes that many things in your textbook were written in a foreigner-friendly way. In reality, from the perspective of a foreigner, the real questions asked in China can be emphatically personal and…

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The Many Uses of “Hand” in Chinese

If we say someone is clever and deft, we mean he or she is quick-witted and nimble-fingered and it is called “心灵手巧” (xīn ling shǒu qiǎo) in Chinese. “手” (shǒu)(hand)is important in working or doing other things. And in Chinese,…

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From a Newbie to a Popular Chinese Blogger

In my previous article, Interview with Founder of Popular Chinese Blog: Chen You, we saw an overview of the popular Facebook page and its founder, 陈有. Many of you were curious to learn how he creates so many excellent posts.…

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