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Investment Words in Chinese

(Foreword: There is a photo getting hot on internet these days which shoots a Chinese sold banana boy starting to trade stocks. I don`t know if he`s really good at it or all of this just indicates the market is…

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The Chinese Way to Use ‘make’

When I learnt English, ‘make’ was a verb, which always confused me. For me, there are too many meanings of ‘make’ and some of them are quite different in Chinese. So today let’s look at the usages of ‘make’ in…

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Practical Chinese for Hospital Visits

(AKA The time I broke my elbow in China) No one wants to get sick or have an accident, but it happens – and as a foreigner in China it’s always good to be prepared. Below I’ve recounted my experience…

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Why Chinese Idioms Are a Waste of Time

A while back, I asked a Chinese teacher for a letter of recommendation, and received this email in response, written in English: I'll be very glad to write one for you. You need not worry about your speaking. Since you…

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Essential Phrases for your Online Chinese Class

For most of us, a driving motivation to learn spoken Mandarin is its practical application. During a Chinese class, we typically want to focus on language we can actually use “in the wild”, to buy train tickets or communicate with…

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