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Make a Wish upon the Horse – 马上

Make a wish upon a... Horse? Bringing New Year's Tidings on "Horseback". As many of you may know, the Spring Festival began on January 31, marking the beginning of the new Chinese year of the horse also known as Chinese…

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Studying Mandarin Chinese: Flashcards Everywhere!

Flashcards are crucial for learning languages. I would say, for learning Mandarin Chinese, they are tremendously vital. If you want (or need) to memorize hanzi, you should surround yourself with characters so that you could see them every day and…

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The Year of Horse & The words of Horse

Do you know the Chinese Zodiac? It is a systematic plan of future action and relates each year to an animal according to a 12-year cycle. There are twelve animals representing the twelve Earthly Branches which can be used to…

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Would You Marry Me?

Marriage is one of the most significant things in a person’s life. In Chinese, “婚”(hūn) is the literal meaning of marriage. This Chinese character has two parts, that is to say, “女”(nǚ) and “昏”(hūn). “女”(nǚ) means a woman and “昏”(hūn)…

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Learning with Written Chinese Serial Tools

Nora Joy is an American from Wisconsin that initially arrived in Sichuan, China alone and without any Mandarin skills. She quickly discovered that she needed to learn Mandarin fast! Four years later, she is continuing to pursue the same goal:…

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