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“Roughly speaking” in Chinese

The Chinese are famously pretty vague in giving answers. As most will readily admit, they prefer to offer estimations rather than specifics, especially if there may be consequences involved. Instead of getting frustrated, we straight-talking foreigners can benefit from adopting…

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Chinese Characters with the “walk” Radical

辶 is a very common Chinese radical related to “walking” (走 – zǒu). There are more than 380 characters listed under this radical in the Kangxi Dictionary and most of them have some connection to transportation or the action of walking.…

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Major Question Words in Chinese

Last time we covered the most important basic grammar points for any beginner to know. To continue our foray into Chinese grammar, let’s learn the Chinese characters that create the foundations for some of the most commonly used question words.…

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Commonly used Chinese Grammar Particles

One of the various misconceptions about Mandarin Chinese language is that it has no grammar. However, despite not having noun declension, verb conjugation and many other types of typical structures for European languages, Chinese grammar is still highly structured. Here are…

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