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Recognize Chinese Characters by Radicals

This week, I have picked a set of Chinese characters that may be easily confused by beginners. In the picture below, you will see six pairs of characters. The symbols in the second and the fourth columns differ from those…

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10 ways to use点 (diǎn)

点 (diǎn) is one of those characters in Mandarin that pops-up all over the place. In the dictionary, there are multiple meanings given, including “dot”, “point”, a “small amount”. In terms of etymology, 点 is derived from the traditional character…

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Too Much “Too Much!” in Chinese

The idea for this article came when one of our users told us "我怕太多冷(wǒ pà tài duō lěng)" – a phrase that doesn’t make much sense in Chinese. The tricky thing is, when we directly translate "too much" or "too…

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The Major Differences between 二 and 两

In Chinese, there are two words for “two”: 二(èr) and 两(liǎng), and Chinese learners are often confused by which one they should use. Today, we will illustrate the correct ways to use each of them. (Besides, you can also check…

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Four Words that Mean “latest” in Mandarin

Do you have the latest iPhone?   What’s the latest on the U.S. presidential election campaign?   Did you see the fashions on display at the Shanghai Fashion Week?   Daily conversation so commonly revolves around the newest, the latest…

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