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All about The Word 就(jiù)

The Mandarin particle 就(jiù) is a very common word in Chinese with a ton of different uses. Depending on the context, it can be a verb, adverb, preposition, or even other parts of speech, and is one of the central…

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Chinese: A Language of Compound Words

At first glance, learning Chinese characters can seem intimidating. And it can be a difficult task, especially if you try to memorize them one by one like many teachers force students to do. These uninventive teachers give students lists of…

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Specific Guide of Ordering Food in Chinese

I remember the first time I ordered Subway in America because I was so lost and embarrassed. I never learnt all these words in my English class and didn’t know how to order a sandwich. This experience makes me think…

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These Flashcards Might Help You Learn Chinese

If you’re learning Chinese, then there is almost no way to avoid flashcards short of enrolling yourself in an extremely rural elementary school and starting from scratch. You need some way to remember the language, even if it is only…

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Top 100 Common Business Chinese Phrases & Expressions

Foreign people who want to do business in China or with Chinese people often are baffled by the social and business behaviors that they encounter. These business encounters include formal email expressions, expectations, promises and asking for discounts. The following 100…

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